MARINE CARE

          “Marine Care” is the follower of firm “Vecom” which has recommended itself in manufacture of sea chemistry. All products are products by the same technologies like it used to do in “Vecom” company.

          We provide a full spectrum of chemical products:

  • Fuel and water treatment products.
  • Scale and rust removers.
  • Chemical products for cleaning tanks, decks, engine room, galley etc.
  • Low toxicity oil spill dispersants and sorbents.
  • Different maintenance products.

          Besides chemical products we can supply you with technical equipment (within the Baltic States) in the short period of time.

          All products are always awailable from our stock in Riga and Klaipeda. Our educated and experienced specialists ready to give you solution in any sort of problem 24 hours a day. During delivery to the vessel we can provide you with all technical information of the products and free-of-charge training for the crew.

          The technicians of our company are former ship mechanics who have wide experience of working with chemical products.

          The quality of our products does not yields to such manufacturers as "Unitor" and "Drew", thus the level of our prices are much lower, and the assortment in some positions is wider.

          We are ready to cooperate with you on Worldwide network, and deliveries within Baltic States are carried out during 24 hours.

          If you wish to receive the catalogue of our production with the prices and full description of products, inform us to addresses or phones mentioned above.

          Marine care product comparison chart